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Writing Stock Options Frequently Asked Questions

How to Write Covered Calls


How to Write Covered Puts


Why Write Stock Options?

Aren't stock options risky investments?
Why isn't writing LEAPS a good investment idea?
Why doesn't OYReport offer investment "picks?"
Is covered options investment in an IRA allowed?



  • What makes covered options so safe?

    Not all covered options are equally safe.  ITM options are much safer than OTM options.  ITM option premiums include both intrinsic value and time premium.  Deep ITM options are likely to be exercised, which produces the results you planned when you sold the option.   [TOP]


  • How do I write covered options?

    Set up your investment account so you can sell stock short, buy and sell options.

    • Covered Call Options
      1. Use OYReport to find and research calls online.
      2. Buy shares in increments of 100.
      3. After buy is confirmed sell the call options.
    • Covered Put Options
      1. Use OYReport to find and research puts online.
      2. Sell short shares in increments of 100.
      3. After sale is confirmed sell the put options. [TOP]


  • What's listed in the investment guide?

    A screened sortable database of the top yielding covered options.  We give you the investment tools to make your own decisions.   We don't impose a selection process on you by listing only selections that meet a certain criteria; you set the filters according to your criteria. [TOP]


  • How does OYReport investment coverage differ from other services?
    1. We list both covered calls and covered puts.
    2. We list more covered options investments and we update our report more often.
    3. You can sort the report on any column.
    4. ITM, OTM, near, and far month options investments are in one list so they're easily compared.
    5. We make sure an option has traded recently -- preventing stale quote mistakes.
    6. We provide stock research for each covered option investment.  [TOP]


  • Why can't I just find investment candidates in a daily newspaper?

    1) You can if you want to spend a lot of time; newspapers list thousands of option investments.
    2) By the time you get investment information from a newspaper it's obsolete.  [TOP]


  • What's the best investment?

    You can't beat buy/sell-write stock covered options as an investment.  There's not another investment that will consistently yield 5% per month (60% a year) with the safety of stock covered options.   [TOP]


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